Morning Recovery Review – Is This The Bees Knees of Hangover Drinks?
By Robert
Updated on October 29, 2018

Hangover drinks aren’t always making the news, but Morning Recovery has been making rounds recently and it’s all positive. 

Morning Recovery wants you to “Do More The Next Day”. Does it want us to drink more the next day or do something other than be a shitfaced drunkard? Regardless, we like the way it sounds and we all know someone who can use a little morning recovery every now and then.

Cool name or not, is Morning Recovery the real deal or is it just another overhyped herb juice? Let’s find out!

About Morning Recovery

Morning Recovery is one of the most popular hangover drinks in the market today, with several blogs and even news sites writing about how users are happy with it. The manufacturers pride themselves in relying on solid science in formulating the product and they even feature actual hangover researchers on their front page.

    • Quality ingredients. We see a lot of familiar names in the label and when it comes to supplements, familiarity is always a good sign.
    • Prop blend. We despise products who don’t let us see the dosing properly. This means they’re hiding how weakly dosed some of the ingredients are, most of the time.
    • Comes in many packs. You can opt to buy 6 or up to 84 in one order, although we wonder just how heavy a drinker you’d have to be to order 84 of these in one go…

Morning Recovery Company Reputation

The founder of Morning Recovery drink is an Ex Tesla engineer. We don’t know exactly how he went from Engineer to hangover drinks, but they’ve done pretty well with it!

Morning Recovery first launched on Indegogo, the well known crowd funding platform and raised $250,000 which was 960% more than its initial aim. Pretty impressive.

They then went on to raise almost $10 million from US and Canadian investors – wow, thats a lot of money.

The founder of Morning recovery has pledged some of the money to doing research into alcohol and hangovers as we hope he keeps his promise in doing so.

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We will delve into Morning Recoveries ingredients next, but from first glance – we cant see that its any different from all the other top products on the market…

Morning Recovery Ingredients

  • Vitamins and Minerals. No hangover drink is complete without the important vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are all water soluble and because you end up pissing more than usual when you double down on vodka, you lose them at a much higher rate. Then we also have electrolytes which could play a role in reducing the severity and duration of hangovers.
  • Korean Pear Extract. Many popular hangover drinks make use of Korean Pear Extract because it’s been shown to reduce hangover severity by up to 21% in human subjects. The subjects said they no longer had trouble concentrating. The study also showed improvements in sensitivity to sound and light as well as prevention of impaired memory.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine. NAC serves one major purpose in the body and that is to increase our body’s most powerful antioxidant: glutathione. Glutathione is what does most of the fighting and protecting when it comes to oxidation. It also serves as a primary liver protector. Studies have also shown it capable of fixing alcohol-induced liver damage.
  • Prickly Pear powder. The one thing that happens before you get a hangover is inflammation. Inflammation is responsible for a lot of nasty diseases and that includes the nasty hangover. Prickly pear has been shown to inhibit inflammation which could significantly improve how you feel the morning after.
  • Jujube Fruit. The company added this for its jujube honey, but not to sweeten the product. No, this type of honey has been shown to have hangover benefits by lowering blood alcohol concentration which is indicative of its anti-intoxication properties.
  • Bulbus Lilii. We’re not entirely sure about the angle they used Bulbus Lilii for, but from what we researched, the Chinese herb seems to have anti toxin properties which could benefit the liver indirectly.
  • Fructus Mume. Similar to prickly pear, fructus mume has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties as well as potentially have a positive effect on liver health by speeding up alcohol metabolism.
  • Green Tea Extract. Green Tea Extract is one of the most researched herb for supplements. It has plenty of studied health benefits, but it’s more known for its antioxidant properties.
  • Taurine. Taurine is one of the more common ingredients in energy drinks. When consumed before a night of heavy partying, taurine is capable of mitigating the rise of alcohol in the blood.
  • Wolfberry Extract. Wolfberry extract is known for its antioxidant properties much like green tea extract.

Morning Recovery Ingredients

Morning Recovery seems to possess what it takes to become the best in this hangover drink industry. It contains generous amounts of vitamins and minerals to help with rehydration, but more importantly its main blend doesn’t hold back on the anti-hangover ingredients.

The product has more than a handful of actual ingredients used in hangover research, with DHM being the most critical. To support it, Morning Recovery also included liver and antioxidant benefits.

The arsenal is definitely there, but we think Morning Recovery sprinkled too much magic dust to the point where some of them are either redundant or weakened.

Let’s take DHM for one. They have two sources of DHM namely Hovenia Dulcis and Rattan tea. While excellent, we can’t help but notice how they didn’t specify as to how much are these two herbals standardized for DHM. When it comes to herbs, you want the actual compound and not the plant itself, so you need to make sure your consumers are getting the exact compound and let them know how much per serving. AfterDrink did a wonderful job at showing their DHM content.

We also have one too many antioxidants and anti-toxin ingredients. Why did Morning Recovery opt to add more of pretty much the same thing? We guess it’s due to the wonderful effect of “scientific marketing” where they get to use many studies pointing out how effective their ingredients are, despite the dose being likely too low to do anything.

Speaking of dose, they hid their key ingredients’ dosage behind a prop blend which is always a no-no when it comes to premium hangover drinks or any supplements for that matter. We applaud them for having a decent blend weight at 3.38 g, but the number of ingredients sharing the dose in that blend seem to offset that.

In the end we think Morning Recovery could’ve been more efficient and effective at what it does but marketing got the best of them. They can price themselves at a higher premium because of the ingredients they listed, and we as consumers don’t like that kind of sales strategy.

Is Morning Recovery Research Backed?

Morning recovery bases the science behind its ingreints purely around Dihydromyricetin. Their website boasts DHM is their main ingredient and the reason for including it is that it increases the rate at which your liver breaks down alcohol.

If you increase this rate, you get less alcohol buildup in the system and hence less acetaldehyde which is the main cause of most of the hangover symptoms.

There have been a couple of research studies which shown that rats give Dihydromyricetin clear alcohol and acetaldehyde more rapidly.

Great news.

But hangovers are caused by many different things. Focusing only on increasing the speed at which we break it down is short sighted. There are many other important ingredients needed to combat a hangover and morning recovery has for some reason chosen DHM as the most important.

Also all of the good hangover pills on the market today include Dihydromyricetin so its not exactly revolutionary news.

What does Morning Recovery Drink Taste Of?

I thought it tasted pretty decent – its like a mild peachy flavour. But I like peach. So I guess it depends on your taste.

With hangover drinks in general, taste can be an issue as they are filled with vitamins and minerals. Therefore you may experience a slightly metallic taste but thats to be expected. After all, hangover drinks are trying to cure your hangover symptoms and not specifically designed to be a tasty drink.

That being said, we think morning recovery have done decent job by producing a palatable drink.

Travelling with Morning Recovery drink?

If you’re planning a holiday and looking for a hangover remedy to aid your sleepless nights out and day drinking, hangover drinks might not be the best option for you.

If you’re only carrying hand luggage, you wont be able to stash away these bottles. Chances are, you’ll have to throw them away at security.

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Putting these bottles into your hold luggage is an option. However you’ll be adding some weight to your bags and they bottles may break during transit. Which quite frankly, would be a disaster.

You may want to consider hangover pills when travelling as it avoids the added hassle.

Morning Recovery Benefits

Morning Recovery is one of the most popular hangover drinks in the market because it works pretty well. While we’re not sure how good it is at helping the liver or removing toxins, we’re at least sure it helps with hangover symptoms.

Morning Recovery Side-effects

Some users report of nausea and the product having a nasty smell and taste that has a long aftertaste. Overall though, hangover supplements and drinks in general are tolerated pretty well. Especially as most are all-natural

Morning Recovery Customer Reviews

Most consumers love Morning Recovery. Below are some reviews from buyers.

Love this stuff. Been searching for miracle in a bottle for a while. Since hangovers have gotten increasingly worse as I age, Morning Recovery is becoming a pre-game necessity. It’s delicious, calming, and saves me from headaches. I’ve tried similar products in Korea but have a hard time finding something similar in the States. Glad it’s on Amazon now!

  • Nancy Lu

“This product is an absolute game changer. It has allowed me to day-drink, make it through a 3-day festival, be a functional human at work after an unexpected weeknight of drinking, make a flight that in all honesty I shouldn’t have made, and also made me a hero for offering the product up to my coworkers.”

  • Kimberly Chen

However, some buyers were reluctant to recommend Morning Recovery.

Had really bad hangovers that lasted all day no matter how much water I drank. This definitely eased the pain the next day, but it wasn’t a miracle cure. Still was feeling pretty crappy all day.

  • Mitch Camphu

I used this after several nights of drinking mild to heavy amounts but saw no noticeable difference in how I felt. It comes down to hydration, water is the key in my opinion. For 6 bucks a bottle it’s steep – not sure what the hype is about. Won’t order again.

  • MDR

Pricing & Buying Info

  • 6 Pack: $23.96
  • 12 Pack: $43.96
  • 24 Pack: $79.96
  • Party Pack (84 bottles): $299.95

Morning Recovery Pros

  • Quality ingredients: Morning Recovery made use of ingredients that had actual scientific studies backing them.
  • Synergy: The formula was designed to complement each other.
  • Decent dosing overall: Despite the prop blend, we’re assuming the key ingredients were appropriately dosed because of its popularity.

Morning Recovery Cons

  • No standardizations: Standardized extracts are much more effective than plain powders.
  • Propietary blend: We don’t like not seeing how much of anything it has.
  • Redundant ingredients: They didn’t need to add so many names in the label.
  • Not travel friendly: Can’t easily take this with you on holiday.

Final Words on Morning Recovery

Morning Recovery’s popularity can only be explained by its efficacy at helping people cope with hangovers. It has all the important ingredients capable of making sure you don’t hate yourself too much in the morning. Vitamins, minerals, DHM, antioxidants, and liver protectives all in one bottle.

For a lot of users, this is the best hangover drink, but others would quickly point out it doesn’t work for everyone. If its mainstream popularity is a sign, then perhaps there’s a good chance this could be the miracle hangover drink you’ve been waiting for.

Morning recovery could improve its ingredients by cutting out the proprietary blend. This was we are able to see exactly how much of each active ingredient is present in the formula.

And if it doesn’t work for you, maybe you should try pairing it with hangover pills.

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