Cheers Restore Hangover Pills Review
By Robert
Updated on October 11, 2021

The memories of last night’s party were great and all, but does it really always have to end up like this every time?

Cheers restore doesn’t think so, and they claim to improve your symptoms by up to 50% with their hangover prevention pills.

Hangover pills like Cheers Restore are making waves in the supplement world because people are realizing that they could make a big difference to how they feel.

But with so many products out there, it can be hard to choose which ones the best for you.

That’s why in this article, we’re going to take a closer look at Cheers Restore hangover pills to see whether they’re worth investing in. We are basing our review on company reputation, customer reviews, and most importantly, their ingredients formula.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into our Cheers Restore review.

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cheers shark tank

Cheers Health – Company Background

Cheers Restore used to be called Thrive+ and have recently gone through a complete rebranding.

They gained popularity after appearing on Shark Tank in an attempt to gain investment a few years back. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to secure funding, however, they continued to persevere and are now one of the most popular hangover pills on the market.

In addition to their hangover pills, Cheers have also released a rehydration solution which they recommend you purchase as well to gain maximum benefit.

On their website, they claim at least a 50% improvement in hangover symptoms including nausea, headache, lack of energy and concentration levels.

Over the years, we’ve learned not to pay too much attention to marketing claims. Instead, we focus on ingredients the formula because it’s the best way to see if a product actually works.

Cheers Restore Ingredients

Cheers Restore contains a total of 12 ingredients including a selection of vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, and herbal extracts. Here’s the full list below:

cheers restore ingredients

Vine Tea Extract (Standardized to 98% Dihydromyricetin)

Dihydromyricetin is making waves in the hangover cure world because of recent research which has shown it can increase alcohol metabolism and reduce hangover severity.

Cheers Restore uses a whopping 1200mg of this ingredient and are proud to claim that they have the highest amount of this ingredient compared to its competitors.

By including so much, they’ve had to reduce the amount of the other ingredients. This is because there’s only a limited amount of in their capsules.

And it’s important to note that dihydromyricetin certainly isn’t the only ingredient that’s good for hangovers.

Milk Thistle

This is one of the key ingredients you should look for in any hangover prevention supplement. This is because it’s a powerful antioxidant that’s been used for centuries to deal with bad hangovers. Before hangover supplements were even a thing, milk thistle was to go-to solution for centuries. 

Unfortunately, Cheers Restore have only included 50mg of this important ingredient. Most of the best supplements today contain around 200mg. This is a good example of how including 1200mg of Dihydromyricetin can take away from other important ingredients.

Ginger Root Extract

For us, ginger is one of the key ingredients you need in a hangover supplement because it’s a research-backed anti-sickness remedy. Nausea is arguably one of the worst symptoms of a hangover so an ingredient to tackle this is essential.

B-Vitamins and Minerals

B vitamins are essential in the metabolism of alcohol and it’s well known their requirements go up during periods of overindulgence.

L- Cysteine

Cysteine helps increase glutathione levels. Glutathione is the body’s most powerful antioxidant and it serves as a primary liver protector

Prickly Pear

A few studies have used prickly pear to treat hangovers and found that their subjects felt better with it. The studies were carried out on small groups of people and still need more looking into to see if there’s a real effect. 

What’s missing?

Overall, Cheers Restore is a solid product. They include most of the key ingredients you’d need in a hangover cure pill. 

That being said, there are a couple of ingredients we would personally like to see.


This ingredient is a natural “bioavailability enhancer”. This means it increases the absorption of the ingredients in your supplement. In fact, most of the nutrients are lost from your gut before they get a chance to be absorbed. For this reason, we always like to see the inclusion of piperine because it allows you to get the most out of your supplement.


This amino acid is found mainly in green tea leaves and it is hailed for its stress-relieving properties. Studies have shown it increases brain alpha waves which are associated with a feeling of relaxation and calm. Unrest and agitation are common symptoms of a hangover and therefore L-theanine could be a useful addition.

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How does it work?

So you’re probably wondering how the combination of ingredients in Cheers Restore works for hangovers?

To be able to answer that, we first need to go over how alcohol causes hangovers in the first place. And it’s not just dehydration!

In fact, the science of hangovers is complex and not fully understood. But scientists agree that a few factors definitely play a role and these include:

  1. Inflammation – the metabolism of alcohol pumps out toxic by-products that react with your cells causing an inflammatory response.
  2. Sleep disturbance – Alcohol blocks your brain from reaching the REM stage of sleep which is essential for feeling rested
  3. Hormonal imbalance – Alcohol wreaks havoc on your hormonal system disrupting cortisol, insulin, and vasopressin levels to mention a few.
  4. Dehydration – Alcohol blocks a hormone called Vasopressin which is crucial for the reabsorption of water from your kidneys. Blocking it means that your kidneys flush out excess water.

Cheers Restore works by providing your body with natural ingredients that are thought to support normal liver function and allow it to process the harmful by-products better.

Now is a good time to mention that Cheers Restore (and all the other products on the market) are not hangover cures or preventers. They should be considered as a natural aid to support recovery.

How do you take Cheers Restore?

The manufacturers suggest taking 2-4 capsules after your last drink. Their ingredients formula quantities are based on 3 capsules so it’s important to remember if you decide to take 2 capsules you won’t be getting what’s on the label.

Most hangover supplements advise taking the product after your last drink. The reason is, the ingredients need to work before the damage is done from alcohol’s toxic by-products.

Therefore if you forget to take your dose and wake up hungover the next day, you’ve unfortunately missed the boat.

Are there any side effects?

Cheers Restore use mostly natural ingredients for its key ingredients and therefore the side effect profile should be low.

However, if you look closely at the label under “other ingredients”, you’ll see they use magnesium stearate which is an artificial flow agent as well as FD&C Blue which is a coloring agent.

Some people will have sensitivities to these artificial agents. But to be fair, they are included in a lot of supplements out there. With that said, nowadays,  there are a lot of supplement brands that decide to avoid them.

Other than this, Cheers Restore contains standard vitamins, amino acids, and herbal extracts that are considered safe. However, as always, if you do experience any side effects, stop taking it and speak to your Doctor for advice.

Cheers Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, Cheers pills have over 4000 reviews with an average rating of 4.1 on Amazon.

The majority of customers report a reduction in the severity of their hangovers after taking Cheers restore.

However, some say it didn’t work for them which is totally expected. It’s the same case with every product on the market.

Anything else to consider?

Supplements like Cheers Restore are no magic cure. Common sense still applies.

If you go out and get wasted an expect a few pills to cure your hangover, you’ll be very disappointed with Cheers. This is the case with any hangover supplement.

Making sure you keep hydrated and drink within your limits is the most important factor in preventing the worst hangovers.

Cheers Pills Review Conclusion

That brings us to the end of our review of Cheers hangover prevention supplement.

It certainly makes it on our podium as one of the top 5 products on the market. They have a great selection of ingredients and a solid reputation.

You can check out our top pick of the best hangover supplements on the market by following the link below.

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