PartySmart Hangover Pills – Can it compete with the newer products on the market?
By Catherine
Updated on October 17, 2018

PartySmart Hangover Pills is a hangover supplement that claims to eliminate your hangover by enhancing quick removal of acetaldehyde (the toxic alcohol byproduct that causes hangovers). According to the manufacturer, a single pill should “give you a better morning.”

But what do we really know about PartySmart Hangovers pills (well apart from the manufacturer’s claims)? Well, pretty much nothing. And that’s why this review aims to find out everything there is to know about this potential hangover cure.

PartySmart Hangover Pills- Product Overview

PartySmart is a hangover supplement manufactured by a company known as Himalaya Herbal Heathcare. The company has been in existence since 1930 and is recognized by India’s Institute of Health Science. So we expect something good to come out of their hangover pills.

According to the manufacturer, the hangover supplement should:

• Speed up the elimination of the toxic acetaldehyde from your liver, reducing your chances of getting hangovers
• Support your liver and boost its performance
• Prevent alcohol-induced damage
• Prevents free-radical liver damage
• Detoxify the liver and eliminate toxins

That said:

It’s time to take a closer look at its ingredients. Below is the ingredients label that lays out all the ingredients in PartySmart Hangover Pills.


As you can see, PartySmart Hangover Pills contain of only a handful of ingredients. Most of the hangover supplements we’ve come across usually contain more than 15 ingredients.

Something also worth noting is that PartySmart uses a proprietary blend whose dosage per serving is only 250mg.

Now, honestly speaking, we haven’t come across a hangover supplement that uses such few ingredients plus significantly low doses per serving. However, it’s too early to make conclusions. It’s about time we find out whether it will outshine top hangover supplements in terms of performance.

Let’s dig deeper into its ingredients.

PartySmart Hangover Pills- The Ingredients

partysmart hangover pills

• Chicory Root Extract

Chicory root extract is a herbal extract that derived from roasted chicory root. Various scientific studies claim it possesses the ability to promote good liver health and function and mitigates alcohol toxicity. By doing so, this root extract helps prevent nasty hangover symptoms.

As a diuretic, the herb stimulates the production of urine to allow fast removal of alcohol byproducts and toxins like acetaldehyde. Acetaldehyde is a harmful toxin that is produced when alcohol is broken down in the body.

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Chicory root also aids digestion and has properties such as laxative and purgative that support liver function and health.

That’s not all there is to Chicory root..

It also decreases anxiety and induces quality sleep so you’ll wake up feeling fresh and energized. Its other health benefits include decreasing inflammation and protecting the liver from alcohol-induced damage.

Chicory root extract has been gaining popularity over the past few years as a hangover remedy. Of course, we applaud Himalaya for making it part of their hangover supplement.

• Grape Extract

Evidence from various scientific studies indicates that grape extract may have a protective effect on your liver.

Due to its antioxidant properties, the extract is able to protect liver cells from alcohol and free radicals-induced. Studies indicate that the extract improves liver function in patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

• Andrographis Extract

Androhraphis Paniculata happens to be one of the most popular medicinal plants used traditionally for the treatment of a wide range of health conditions. It’s widely cultivated in Southerneastern Asia and Sri Lanka.

Besides its use as a potential cancer prevention and cure, andrographis extract also protects the liver against toxins that cause liver damage. Acetaldehyde is one of those toxins. Essentially, one of the main functions of this extract in the supplement is to prevent liver damage from alcohol consumption. It does this by boosting the liver’s antioxidant defense system.

In one study, andrographis preserved about 55% of liver cells with acetaminophen induced toxicity in rats. Study evidence also indicates that the extract has the ability to prevent liver cirrhosis. Additionally, its supplementation increases liver enzymes, which causes liver damage.

Although it’s not possible to determine its exact dose in hangover supplement, we think it’s a great addition. Ingredients that protect the liver from alcohol-induced damage are always our favorites, so thumbs up to Party Smart Hangover Pills.

• Date Palm Extract

Date Palm extract is another ingredient in PartySmart Hangover Pills. Scientific studies on rats indicate that date palm fruit extract may be beneficial in the prevention of hepatotoxicity from oxidative stress.

Other studies have found that pretreatment with date palm fruit extract can potentially restore liver damage induced by dimethoate. This is all thanks to its high antioxidant content that help scavenge free radicals and protect the liver against alcohol toxins.


While date palm extract appears to be beneficial in test-tube and animal studies, human research is lacking. More studies are needed to verify if it can prove to be beneficial in humans.

This goes against the manufacturer’s claim that PartySmart is made with clinically-studied ingredients. Anyway, we hope that extensive research will be done on humans to verify these claims.

• Amla Extract

Amla extract (Indian Gooseberry) is popularly used as a hair tonic. However, its positive effect on liver health and function is catching everyone’s attention.

Studies indicate that Amla extract has potential hepatoprotective properties due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Its hepatoprotective action also appears to be mediated by its ability to scavenge free radicals.

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Additionally, the extract also acts as a natural remedy for fatty liver disease.

• Phyllanthus Extract

Phyllanthus extract helps to prevent and cure a variety of ailments. It’s also quite beneficial to the liver. One study found that the antioxidants in the extract may protect the liver against acetaminophen toxicity.

Research findings also indicate that Phyllanthus extract has the potential to treat nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

That’s all there is to know about the ingredients in PartySmart Hangover Pills.


We’ve noticed that the total amount of ingredients in the proprietary blend is only 250mg.

Now, we’ve reviewed quite a good number of hangover supplements. But we’ve never come across one that uses such low ingredients doses. We find 250mg too low for a hangover supplement.


We can’t make conclusions by saying that 250mg may not be effective enough to reduce hangovers. It could be that the manufacturer has included stronger ingredients extracts. So the exact amount of ingredients may not really matter. What really matters is the actual strength of the ingredients.

It’s too bad we don’t have access to this information. It would have been easier to gauge its effectiveness.

What Ingredients are Missing?

Well, a closer look at the ingredients label, you will notice that plenty of ingredients are missing. It’s actually surprising that such a reputable manufacturer had to miss some of the most crucial hangover and liver boosting ingredients.

The list of missing ingredients is quite long, so we are only going to point out a few important ones.

PartySmart does not include any Vitamins or Minerals. We understand that alcohol consumption leads to loss of essential vitamins and minerals. To ensure proper function of your body and liver, these nutrients must be present. That’s why the best hangover supplements include essential nutrients like B-Complex Vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium, and others.

Vitamins C and E are powerful antioxidants which protect your liver against free radical damage and damage from alcohol consumption. Honestly, we are still trying to figure out why these vitamins were excluded from the formula.

As for the active ingredients, popular hangover ingredients such as Milk Thistle, Dihydromyricitin, Ginger, Artichoke, Turmeric, NAC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and calming ingredients like Taurine and Thearine are also out of the picture.

Would it be safe to conclude that PartySmart Hangover Pills are not effective when it comes to eliminating hangover?

Well, not exactly. The included ingredients could possess beneficial hangover eliminating properties.

However, given that ingredients like Milk Thistle are the real deal when it comes to hangover supplements, we are a little bit disappointed.

All the same:

We are not here to bash the manufacturer for failing to include all these ingredients. PartySmart Hangover is a pretty good hangover supplement, regardless of the few negative we’ve just pointed out.

PartySmart Hangover Pills- Pros and Cons


• Made with all-natural ingredients
• Claims to prevents hangovers with just a single pill
• Detoxifies the liver to flush out acetaldehyde and other toxins, lessening the load on the liver
• Boosts liver function
• Protects the liver against free radical damage
• Can potentially cleanse the gastrointestinal tract


• Only uses a few ingredients with low doses
• Uses a proprietary blend- we never recommend hangover supplements that use proprietary blends since the actual amount of ingredients isn’t included
• A huge number of popular and clinically-proven hangover ingredients are missing
• They try to sell the fact that their hangover supplement has been “clinically studied.” However, we feel that they should have quoted existing studies instead since they clearly didn’t start the research from scratch
• Based on the reviews, it doesn’t seem to work on everyone
• Does not come with a Money-Back Guarantee– This means if it fails to relieve your hangover, you probably won’t get your money back.
• It does not prevent dehydration– dehydration is one of the major causes of hangovers. So it’s funny that the manufacturer did not include anything to rehydrate your body

Any Side-Effects with Himalaya PartySmart Hangover Pills?

So far, we haven’t heard anyone complaining about side-effects from using PartySmart. So we can conclude that it’s a safe hangover supplement.

PartySmart Hangover Pills Where to Buy

PartySmart Hangover Pills are available for sale on the manufacturer’s official website ( A 10 capsules pack goes for $20.95 when you purchase from the official website. On Amazon, it’s available for sale at $47.95.

PartySmart Hangover Pills-Final Verdict

PartySmart Hangover Pills supplement is not a bad product. However, if we were to compare it directly with some hardcore hangover supplements in the market, we are pretty sure its performance would be below par.

On the bright side:

It’s manufactured by a reputable company that has been operating since 1930, so this should give you a little confidence. It’s also quite affordable and does not cause any nasty-side-effects.

Overall PartySmart is a veteran in the game – but it really needs to update its formula.

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