Bill Cosby Knows The Best Hangover Cure… It’s Not Jell-O
By James Petra
Updated on March 11, 2014

A paparazzi asks Bill Cosby, extremely randomly I might add, what the best food/cure is after a nasty hangover, watch his video to see the reply:

Hint: It’s not Jell-O!

Beans, beans, the magical fruit … the more you eat, the more you … boot a hangover — at least that’s what Bill Cosby says.

The 76-year-old TV legend was promoting a chili restaurant Thursday in Arlington, Virginia … and our photog asked for his advice on how to cure a hangover.

Cosby had a quick, enthusiastic answer — but his opinion is a little biased.

We hear Jell-O shots work too.

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James Petra

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