One Man’s Noble Quest To Find The Best Hangover Cure

Sam Matthews from Vocativ decided to get drunk for 5 nights in a row and then try 5 different hangovers cures, all on film.

The brave man’s trials, all recorded for our viewing pleasure, included Blowfish, which we recently reviewed on, hair of the dog (don’t do this!), an IV, and of course greasy food!

Vocativ is known for finding stories within data, but this week we decided to do a deep dive IRL. We sent reporter Sam Matthews into the wild to field-test four of the most well-known hangover “cures” out there. The results were mixed: Some actually made the hangover worse, and only one treated all three hangover symptoms (dehydration, nausea and headache)—too bad it costs $250 per use. Like the common cold and heartbreak, the eggheads at Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline still have a bit more homework to do before they get this problem licked.

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