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One Man’s Noble Quest To Find The Best Hangover Cure

Sam Matthews from Vocativ decided to get drunk for 5 nights in a row and then try 5 different hangovers cures, all on film. The brave man’s trials, all recorded for our viewing pleasure, included Blowfish, which we recently reviewed on, hair of the dog (don’t do this!), an IV, and of course greasy

Bill Cosby Knows The Best Hangover Cure… It’s Not Jell-O

A paparazzi asks Bill Cosby, extremely randomly I might add, what the best food/cure is after a nasty hangover, watch his video to see the reply: Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Hint: It’s not Jell-O! Beans, beans, the magical fruit … the more you eat, the more you … boot a hangover —

This Aint Your Doctors Hangover Cure: Cure Your Hangover The Scientific Way

A brilliant post over on LifeHacker Australia presents a video from the AsapScience crew on how to cure your hangovers with science! Alcohol is a poison — a delicious, karaoke-inducing poison — but a poison nonetheless and it often comes with a steep price. Fortunately, science is here to hold back our hair, pick us