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Flyby Fuel Electrolytes Review – A Simple Solution To A Common Problem

There isn’t much to electrolyte science outside of sports and hydration science. But, hangover drinks like Flyby Fuel Electrolytes thinks they can be used for hard drinking nights. What’s with electrolytes? For one, the body probably wouldn’t be able to function without it. They help usher water into cells and tissues and they also make

AfterDrink Hangover Pills Review – Does it Live up to the Hype?

One of the biggest issues that many alcohol drinkers face is finding a reputable hangover supplement brand that isn’t cut with a bunch of useless ingredients. You’ve probably been there, so you perfectly understand what we’re talking about. Truth be told. The hangover supplements industry is full of gimmicks and promises, yet most people often

Morning Recovery Review – Is This The Bees Knees of Hangover Drinks?

Hangover drinks aren’t always making the news, but Morning Recovery has been making rounds recently and it’s all positive.  Morning Recovery wants you to “Do More The Next Day”. Does it want us to drink more the next day or do something other than be a shitfaced drunkard? Regardless, we like the way it sounds

Before Elixir Review – A Good But Pricey Hangover Drink

Before Elixir wants to eliminate hangovers and one other thing: Redness. You know, that look you get when you’re downing one too many bottles at a faster rate than usual and your face starts to look like it got stung by a bee. Yeah, that redness. We hate hangovers. We don’t think we’ve met anyone who actually

Hangover Heaven Hangover Supplement – Does It Work as Advertised?

The hangover supplements industry is booming. A few years ago, hangover cures and supplements hit the billion-dollar revenue mark. This is a clear indication that people are taking hangovers much seriously than we actually thought. It also means that people are always desperately searching for the best hangover supplement in the market. Hangover Heaven Hangover

PartySmart Hangover Pills – Can it compete with the newer products on the market?

PartySmart Hangover Pills is a hangover supplement that claims to eliminate your hangover by enhancing quick removal of acetaldehyde (the toxic alcohol byproduct that causes hangovers). According to the manufacturer, a single pill should “give you a better morning.” But what do we really know about PartySmart Hangovers pills (well apart from the manufacturer’s claims)?

LYTEshow Review – Can A Pure Electrolyte Drink Solve Our Hangover Woes?

LYTEshow seeks to be the solution to our electrolyte-loss woes. It promotes a type of “pure hydration” formula that instantly replenishes lost electrolytes which can help prevent dehydration. How do electrolytes factor into hangovers? When you drink too much your bladder cries for help and so you go to the restroom to relieve it. This

RESQWATER Review – Is RESQWATER The Hangover Cure We’re Waiting For?

Compared to what we’ve reviewed in the past, RESQWATER only really has three key ingredients, the others being vitamins and minerals. We like simple formulas over the complex ones mainly because they function more efficiently. When it comes to hangover drinks, the one important function is rehydration. The other one is liver protection. So, it

Zaca Hangover Supplement Review – A rehydration solution or hangover cure?

Zaca Hangover Supplement is a chewable hangover remedy that claims to cure your hangover symptoms following a night of indulgence. We have scoured a large selection of hangover supplements and reviews. And we feel it’s time we give you an honest review of this potentially effective cure for a hangover. Furthermore, we perfectly understand why

Over Ez Hangover Pill Review – Does this hangover pill really do the job?

Over EZ Hangover Pills is a supplement that promises to overcome your hangovers without side-effects. We’ve made it our mission to review the best hangover supplements available, and Over EZ Hangover Supplement has caught our attention. Not that it’s the best hangover supplement- it’s a little bit too early to decided that. We just want