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One Man’s Noble Quest To Find The Best Hangover Cure

Sam Matthews from Vocativ decided to get drunk for 5 nights in a row and then try 5 different hangovers cures, all on film. The brave man’s trials, all recorded for our viewing pleasure, included Blowfish, which we recently reviewed on, hair of the dog (don’t do this!), an IV, and of course greasy

Hangover Juice

I love juicing! It’s like mainlining delicious fruit and veggie goodness into your body. That’s why when I came across this amazing hangover juicing recipe from the Blender Babes, I had to share it here. It’s dairy free too, so double win if your lactose intolerant/allergic to dairy like myself. Whether it’s after a holiday,

Scientists Creating Legit Hangover Cure

A UCLA-led team’s ‘pill’ mimics action of human liver in fighting alcohol intoxication The folks over at Vice media have uncovered some brilliant research about a hangover fighting pill concept: Everyone has a favorite, sworn-by method. A full glass of water before bed. Coconut water in the morning. A greasy plate of bacon and eggs

Can Yoga Poses Really Cure Hangovers?

The friendly crew over at have a new slideshow up showing 12 different yoga poses that can help you with that terrible morning hangover: We all know that waking up with a hangover can rank up there with a nasty stomach virus or a tooth extraction: seriously unpleasant and oh-so-painful. Depending on your pick

Getting Rid of a Hangover

So you got yourself plastered silly last night. (Again?!) So now you wake up a big mess, with your mouth dry, feeling disoriented, a pounding headache, twitchy nerves, and an upset stomach. (How about a guilty conscience?) And do you really think it can’t get any worse than that? Think again. Well that’s too bad.