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The Ultimate Hangover Pill Guide: The Best Hangover Pills Ranked & Reviewed

With all of the different hangover pill, drink, effervescent tablets, patches, IV and other cure products on the market today, finding the most effective, fast acting and well-priced cure to that terrible morning hangover you’ve been feeling is not easy: trust me I know, I test hangover cures for a living! Head to your nearest pharmacy,

Hangover Cure Ice Cream Hits Korean Shops

In South Korea, Asia’s biggest per capita alcohol consumers, people waking up after a crazy night on the town can now soothe there poor heads, bodies and souls with a crazy (awesome!) hangover-fighting ice cream called the Gyeondyo bar. The Gyeondyo-bar, Gyeondyo translating from Korean to English as “hang in there” was launched on Friday

Sam Adams Beer Founder Reveals How to Cure a Hangover

The co-founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch (the guy you always see in the Sam Adams adverts), reveals his secret answer to the question, how to cure a hangover? reveals all… As the co-founder and chairman of the Boston Beer Company, Jim Koch has appeared in countless Sam Adams commercials

Sobur for Hangovers Review: is DHM a revolution in alcohol consumption and hangovers?

We review one of the newer hangover cure products on the market called Sobur, which claims that its main ingredient, a Chinese herbal extract called DHM, is the secret to sobering up after drinking and “banishing your hangover“ Want to try Sobur,’s #1 rated hangover cure pill, for yourself? Click here to buy for

Drinkwel Review: Does ‘The Multivitamin for People Who Drink’ Work?

Today I am going to post my complete review of Drinkwel Multivitamins, dubbed “The Multivitamin for People Who Drink” which contains Kudzu Flower, Milk Thistle and N-acetyl Cysteine I’m starting to get the hang of this whole hangover cure product review thing, it’s not that hard after all. Essentially, I get as hammered as possible

My RU-21 Review: A Russian Hangover Cure Used By The KGB

As you can see in the reviews section, I’ve been on a product review binge, testing out all of the different hangover cure products and writing up comprehensive reviews for the viewing pleasure of all the readers! Today, I’m bringing you a comprehensive review for a product called RU-21, a pretty well known and

One Man’s Noble Quest To Find The Best Hangover Cure

Sam Matthews from Vocativ decided to get drunk for 5 nights in a row and then try 5 different hangovers cures, all on film. The brave man’s trials, all recorded for our viewing pleasure, included Blowfish, which we recently reviewed on, hair of the dog (don’t do this!), an IV, and of course greasy

Bill Cosby Knows The Best Hangover Cure… It’s Not Jell-O

A paparazzi asks Bill Cosby, extremely randomly I might add, what the best food/cure is after a nasty hangover, watch his video to see the reply: Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames. Hint: It’s not Jell-O! Beans, beans, the magical fruit … the more you eat, the more you … boot a hangover —