Thrive Hangover Pills Review – Is This Really The Best Hangover Cure?
By Robert
Updated on October 29, 2018

The memories of last night’s party was great and all, but does it really always have to end up like this every time? Thrive+ Health Inc. doesn’t think so and they want to end your hangover misery for good with Thrive Hangover pills.

Don’t you just hate it when an awesome party gives you a crazy hangover the following morning? That feeling where your head’s like being squeezed and split in half at the same time while also making you really sensitive to loud sounds. Yeah, Thrive pills want to solve all that in one serving.

Is this the miracle pill hard drinkers have been waiting for? How effective is it at doing what it promises to do? Let’s go find out!


About Thrive Hangover Pills 

Thrive hangover cure or simply Thrive (pronounced as Thrive Plus) is manufactured by Thrive+ Health Inc. The company states their product aims to reduce the bad health effects of alcohol consumption in a safe, effective, and socially responsible manner. Their biggest draw is the product was seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, a show where inventors seek to be funded by some of the industry’s biggest angel investors.

    • Quality ingredients. We see Didhyromyricetin at 98% standardization which is critical as this extract has been shown to provide liver detox and hangover benefits. We also see ingredients meant to protect the liver which is a must in a product like this.
    • Transparent label. We love products that show us everything because we have to know what exactly we’re putting inside our body at all times.
    • Easy instructions. No extra prep time, no weird exercises needed, just pop 3 of these before you call it a night and you’re done.

Thrive Hangover Cure Ingredients

  • Vitamins and Minerals. We have a boatload of critical vitamins and minerals which are lost when there is excessive alcohol intake. B-vitamins in particular are drastically reduced in concentration regardless of whether you drank cheap beer or expensive wine. It also has electrolytes that speed up water absorption which is great since being hungover often goes hand in hand with dehydration.
  • Vine Tea Extract. Standardized to 98% Dihydromyricetin, this compound is the most important ingredient in this product. It’s one of the most extensively proven extracts that’s been shown to help mitigate the negative effects of alcohol consumption. It’s been shown to counteract alcohol intoxication in small doses as well as make hangovers more bearable among other benefits. We really like how Thrive pills contain a good dose of DHM. 

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  • Milk Thistle. Standardized to 80% Silymarin, this is the primary component of a lot of liver supplements due to its liver-protective properties. 
  • Prickly Pear powder. Inflammation is activated when you get a hangover. Prickly pear extract helps in inhibiting inflammation which can translate to reduced hangover periods.
  • Ginger Root Extract. Standardized to 5% gingerols, ginger root extract is capable of supporting the already potent liver-protective properties of Thrive pills.
  • Mint Leaf. Mint or menthol is a popular home remedy that can help soothe nausea or indigestion, hangover symptoms that can lead to vomiting.

Formula Analysis

Thrive has a really great product here.

Vine Tea is the main component and despite the small dose, it’s anything but small because it’s actually potent at 1 mg/kg body weight. Unless you weigh well over a ton, 1000 mg standardized to 98% dihydromyricetin (or 980 mg of the good stuff) should be more than enough.

We then have a team of liver-lovers: NAC, Milk Thistle, and Ginger root all possess potent liver-protective benefits. Everyone knows our liver hates alcohol, so to have these ingredients means the product wants to help your liver fight it off.

Prickly pear and Mint leaf are more like the supporting cast in a great ensemble of hangover fighters. Lastly, we also have a good amount of vitamins and minerals which can help the body recover from your latest alcohol-binge faster.

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Overall we think Thrive pills have a really good selection of ingredients and is up there with the top 3 hangover cure products.

Thrive Hangover supplement Benefits

It definitely does what it’s meant to do: It helps you cope with the awful side-effects of hangovers and in some cases, could even prevent it. It also provides liver benefits which are always helpful even when you’re not drunk or planning on drinking a lot.

Thrive Pill Side-effects

While the ingredients shown are tolerated well by most people, some have reported experiencing stomach upsets and in rare cases, even anxiety.

Thrive Customer Reviews

Most consumers love Thrive pills. Below are some reviews from buyers.

“I first took this at a bachelorette party and it saved me! Long nights of way too much drinking which I am not used to! I took the dose that was said on the bottle and I was shocked the next morning. I had energy and felt great after each long night. I am usually nauseous and miserable after nights like that and I am grateful I found this stuff!”

  • Hector Campos

“Let me start off by saying this IS NOT a miracle in a bottle, but close. I purchased this after a recommendation from a friend. He partied a little too hard before a work day. He took this and got a couple hours of sleep and was good to go for work! I took this with me for a 3 night drinking extravaganza with friends. We had several hours of drinking each night and took 3 pills prior to going to bed. We woke up feeling a little tired but most of the hangover symptoms you experience from a night like this were not present. The third and final night we went ham. Thrive kept us alive the next day but i think at that point nothing was going to save us. It did allow us to make the drive back without feeling like death.”

  • Benjamin Walker

However, some buyers were reluctant to recommend Thrive as a hangover cure.

“This did not work for me at all. I don’t drink very much but tend to get easily dehydrated and hoped that maybe this would help. I tried it 3x with about 3 drinks over the course of an evening and I couldn’t tell any difference in it improving the after effects.”

  • Kirsten Poel

“I wanted this to work so bad! I used this product when drinking a couple drinks and another night when I binge drank (4 or more). It didn’t do anything for me. In fact, I feel like it made me nauseous and sluggish when I woke up. I will not purchase again.”

  • Amy Hauschild

Pricing & Buying Info

  • 1 bottle (10 servings): $29.99
  • 3 bottles: $22.99 per
  • Monthly subscription: $21.99 per bottle, per month.

Thrive Hangover pill Pros

  • Quality ingredients: Each item was added for a purpose and not just to pad the cost.
  • Potent extracts: There’s a line between powder and standardized powder and Thrive+ made sure people saw that.
  • Synergy: The formula was designed to complement each other.
  • Liver-protective: Also great as a liver supplement.

Thrive+ After-Alcohol Aid Cons

  • Pricey: One $30 bottle is only good for ten servings.
  • Works best with ORS: It’s not the full product unless you buy its partner.
  • Not guaranteed to work: Reviews are mixed despite mostly being positive.

Final Words on Thrive Hangover Cure

Thrive+ After-Alcohol Aid is a certified premium product that’s scientifically formulated to help reduce the pains of being hungover. It has top of the line ingredients and was crafted in a way that would not only mitigate hangover symptoms, but form a barrier for your liver too.

The only nitpicks we have to it is perhaps it’s too premium and how it’s not the full product without its partner, ORS. We normally ignore the expensiveness of a premium product, since premium equals a lot of money, but there are too many negative reviews about it to justify its selling price.

With all that was said, Thrive hangover pills are definitely worth trying out and they make it on the podium of our best hangover pills. There’s a good chance it will work, but don’t be too upset if it doesn’t.

Best hangover pills
Check out our pick of the top five leading hangover prevention supplements available to you right now.

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