Sobur for Hangovers Review: is DHM a revolution in alcohol consumption and hangovers?

We review one of the newer hangover cure products on the market called Sobur, which claims that its main ingredient, a Chinese herbal extract called DHM, is the secret to sobering up after drinking and “banishing your hangover

Sobur Review

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It’s not often that you see something completely new these days. I’m talking first landing on the moon and women allowed to vote for the first time new, not “check out this cool new feature in our generic shampoo product: 1000x more suds and shine” new.

So I was doubtful when I read about Sobur, a new hangover cure supplement that uses a Chinese herbal tree extract called DHM or Dihydromyricetin to sober you up 30 minutes to 1 hour after drinking and ‘banishes hangovers’ for the next day.

The company that runs Sobur kindly sent us over a 20 pack of their product and a bottle of fine whisky in order to see if their product is the real deal. We accepted the challenge and can finally reveal the results here for the readers.

What Is Sobur?

What is Sobur?Sobur, as the owners state on their website, is a hangover cure supplement that with one tablet can help you:

  • Instantly recover after lots of drinking
  • Protect your brain & body
  • Wake up feeling energised & healthy

The main page of their website explains:

“The natural ingredients contained within Sobur combine to help your body process alcohol quicker, protect your liver, and bring the chemicals in your brain back to regular (sober) levels.

To prevent a hangover using Sobur, take 1-2 capsules before bed with plenty of water. The herbal extract Dihydromyricetin (DHM), the main ingredient in Sobur, works as a potent anti-oxidant and lowers the amount of GABA in the brain, a neurotransmitter that alcohol increases drastically. A flood of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA causes communication between neurons in the brain to slow down, decreasing cognition, fine motor skills, judgement, and inhibitions.

What’s this dihydromyricetin stuff?

DihydromyricetinA quick google search brings up the DHM ingredient that they mentioned. It’s an oriental tree herbal extract that has been made popular by a study performed in the USA where they got mice drunk and then sobered them up again using the ingredient. The Sobur website on dihydromyricetin explains:

Dihydromyricetin, also known as Ampelopsin, is the active ingredient in Sobur that essentially removes the brain fog that excessive alcohol consumption causes.

Research has been ongoing since 2007 and even double blind tests have been met with the same amazing results, near zero side effects from binge drinking and a reduction in a desire to drink. DHM is a flavinol of an ancient tree that continues to show counteractive effects of acute alcohol (EtOH) intoxication.

Apparently, this dihydromyricetin ingredient is supposed to be the bees knees and is the core ingredient of the Sobur product. But what other ingredients does Sobur contain?

Sobur Ingredients: What Is In It?

They seem to be very open about the ingredients of their product compared to most supplement companies, even stating mg amounts of each ingredient per capsule on the website. Besides Dihydromyricetin/DHM, Sobur contains:

The N-Acetyl L-Carnitine (NAC), Vitamin C and Vitamin B combination work to detoxify the liver, destroy nasty toxins left behind after alcohol consumption and restore vital nutrients and minerals in the body, getting you back into prime form the day after a big night of drinking.

More specifically, the ingredients list on the website is listed as, per capsule:

  • 300mg Dihydromyricetin
  • 100mg N-Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • 200mg Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B mix (Niacin, B6, B5, B12 etc)

Very simple ingredients list! There is a note on the packaging highlighting the fact that Sobur capsules are also made using a plant-based gelatine and the ingredients are vegetarian/Kosher friendly.

The Million Dollar Question: Does Sobur really cure hangovers?

In a sentence, Sobur is the most effective hangover cure that I’ve tried (and I have tried quite a few).

…Oh you want more details? Shure:

What I had to drink

Sobur and Thai WhiskeyTo get the night started I was trying out a bottle of Thai Whisky that my friend gave to me as a gift from Thailand. I ended up drinking the entire bottle while I was at home, mixed with coca cola and a 2 hour long marathon of bad Youtube videos (I don’t know what happened, Youtube has recently become like Pringles and once you start watching videos, you just cant stop!)

I then headed down to my local pub (my father taught me that it’s never good to be drunk alone) and with the company of a few mates, had 5-6 more beers over the course of a couple hours.

I got home and, as instructed on the Sobur packaging, I took two pills along with 3 glasses of water and then nodded off to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I had actually forgotten that I had been drinking the night before. Sobur was so good at getting rid of my hangover that I felt like I had not been drinking at all the next day, no headaches, no brain fog, nothing!

It wasn’t all perfect, after an hour of being awake, drinking plenty of water as my throat was pretty dry and having a porridge breakfast, my body still felt a little worse for wear – sort of how I feel the day after a medium-intensity gym session where I’m sore all over but not bad enough to stop me from soldiering on through my day.

The Effects Of Sobur

As I mentioned, Sobur gave me a perfectly clear head the day after a pretty intense session of drinking, but could not (understandably) get rid of the fatigue that my body felt.

I’d say that Sobur is perfect for those who either need to head to work in the morning after drinking at night, as it will allow you to dive into your work without worrying about headaches or brain fog. Or, it’s main ingredient called DHM apparently sobers you up 30-60 minutes after taking, so it might be perfect as a way to keep your night going longer.

Note: It occurs to me that my observation about Sobur sobering you up 30-60 minutes after taking a pill might be translated by some as “you will be sober, so you can drive and operate machinery even with alcohol in your system”. Please DO NOT DRINK & DRIVE even with a supplement like this in your body. If you get stopped you will still be treated as a DUI case and you do not want to be the one responsible for accidents or fatalities caused by your ignorance!

TLDR; Do Not Drink & Drive!

What Others Say About Sobur

Not wanting to leave you with just my opinion of this supplement, I thought I’d scour the internet to find others thoughts on it and share them with you here. Most of these reviews come from the Sobur testimonial page:

So I got drunk last night and thought I’d give them a go. I only had one, about half an hour before sleep with plenty of water and it’s now 9:30am, I’m at work and I feel just fine. I should be hungover right now.

This is miracle s&%t. And I only had one!


5 out of 5 stars
This s$%t owns by the way for anyone on the fence. I suppose it varies per person, but for me personally, it’s been great. The first night I intended to use this, I was telling my friends I was drinking for science as I had planned to test these later. Felt great in the morning despite drinking enough to kill a water buffalo.

I think maybe the only downside is it may actually encourage me to binge drink, since hey… you’ll be fine tomorrow!

Eric D.

The Final Verdict

The official verdict is that Sobur is the best hangover cure pill that we have tried so far, bar none.

Sobur allowed me to wake up feeling perfectly clear headed the morning after a pretty big night of drinking, with only a little body fatigue to deal with (I think this is unavoidable with hangover cure supplement, a pill can only do so much and it is up to you to make sure you drink and eat properly after consuming alcohol in order to recover as needed)

Sobur is pretty well priced at $34.99 for 20 pills, especially considering that 1 or 2 Sobur pills did a better job of curing my hangover then 4-5 of any other hangover cure tablet that I’ve tried. A 20 pack of Sobur should be good for 20 nights of drinking, and I’ll happily pay $34.99 for 20 days of productivity and clear-headedness (is that a word?)

It seems that their offering free shipping in the US through their website too, so order it before they realise the discount they’re offering and charge more.

Overall Score:5 out of 5 stars

Best Price: $34.99 + FREE SHIPPING

Sobur Hangover Final Review

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Sobur is a hangover cure supplement that with one tablet can help you Instantly recover after lots of drinking, Protect your brain & body and Wake up feeling energised & healthy
Sobur 20 Pack
Date Published: 04/10/2014
Sobur allowed me to wake up feeling perfectly clear headed the morning after a pretty big night of drinking, with only a little body fatigue to deal with
5 / 5 stars


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