Drinkwel vs Thrive
By James Petra
Updated on November 22, 2018

Drinkwel and Thrive are two of the most well known hangover pills on the market today. Today we are going to compare the two and see which one comes out on top.

They both claim to be the best hangover pill on the market with their established reputations and strong customer base.

Drinkwel and Thrive are both designed to target hangovers in several ways by improving your livers ability to break down alcohol and to clear up the free-radicals and toxins produced after a night of drinking.

But how do these two fare when they go head to head and are there better alternatives?

Well today we find put these products to the test and scrutinise the following important aspects:

• Company Reputation and Product Background
• The Ingredients and Dosages
• The Servings
• Potential Side Effects
• Price

Lets get straight into it…

Company Reputation and Background

Drinkwel Summary:

• Drinkwel is mainly designed as a supplement for liver health
• Taken as a daily supplement
• Take 3 extra pills when drinking
• All natural ingredients
• Contains 30 ingredients
• Free Shipping over $25
• Money-Back Guarantee

Thrive summary

• specifically formulated for hangover
• Take 3 pills after drinking
• All natural ingredients
• NO Money-back guarantee
• Seen on US shark tank (didn’t get investment)
• Contains 13 ingredients
• No free shipping options

Just a quick overview of both products shows us big differences. Drinkwel is primarily marketed as a liver health supplement with the added function of helping with hangovers when needed.

Whereas Thrive is specifically designed to be taken as and when required when drinking.

It reminds us of shampoo and conditioner – bear with me on this one.

Think of Drinkwel as a 2 in 1 shampoo / conditioner mix. Whereas Thrive is more a product with a very specific purpose.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of hitting two birds with one stone when it comes to supplements. It’s either a hangover pill or a liver health supplement. To cover both, you’re bound to under dose on some key ingredients that are good for hangovers.

Our verdict: This round goes to Thrive

Drinkwel vs Thrive – The ingredients

The ingredients list is probably the most important section as it ultimately determines how effective each hangover pill really is.

So lets do a direct comparison of the labels first…

Drinkwel Ingredients:

drinkwel ingredients

Thrive Ingredients:

First things first, we immediately noticed that Drinkwel uses a proprietary blend. This is a NO NO when it comes to supplements.

The reason why?

Its a way for supplement producers to hide their ingredient list under a “secret formula”. All this does is mean they can cut corners and put less of the active ingredients into their pills to save money.

Im sure you’d agree that transparency is key – particularly if its something we are ingesting.

Other than that it seems like Drinkwel and Thrive include all the main ingredients you’d expect in any hangover pill like:

• Milk Thistle
• B -Vitamins
• N-Acetyl- Cysteine

Drinkwel however, include a vast array of added ingredients to cover the liver health side of things. Given that the serving size is 3 capsules for both supplements, it makes you wonder how small the doses in Drinkwel must be to fit all 30 ingredients in.

Is anything missing?

Some key ingredients we always like to see in hangover pills include:

Turmeric – Its known that it works as a natural anti-inflammatory. People have used it for centuries to treat joint paint. Anti-inflammatories are great for headaches as well which you’ll usually have in hungover.

Black pepper extract – This acts as a “bio-enhancer”. It basically increases the absorption of nutrients from your gut, particularly B-Vitamins and turmeric. So its an ideal addition in a hangover supplement.

 L-Theanine – this is the main active ingredient in green tea and is known for its calming effect on the mind. As you’ve guessed its particularly good for hangover anxiety. Drinkwel does include this in their proprietary blend but unfortunately Thrive missed it out.

Our verdict: If you’re looking for a liver supplement then go for Drinkwel, but if you’re trying to prevent hangover specifically then Thrive is likely to do a better job.

However both products miss out on some key ingredients. You can check out the list of best hangover products below.

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Are there any side effects?

Drinkwel and Thrive use all natural ingredients with no medicines or stimulants. So it’s unlikely that you’ll experience side effects (unless you have allergies or intolerances to specific ingredients).

It’s important to note that some herbal medications can interact with medications which you may be taking regularly that are prescribed by your doctor.

In this case its always best to read the labels carefully and discuss with your doctor if its safe to take.

Our Verdict: Drinkwel and Thrive tie this round.

Price differences

This is a tricky one to compare as Drinkwel comes in multiple different sizes. Their travel size retails at $17.99 (30 capsules) and their larger size is $39.99 (90 capsules)

Thrive comes in one, 30 capsule size and retails at $35.99.

So when it comes to direct comparison, it seems Drinkwel is quite a bit cheaper. But this depends on how you plan to take it. If you’re going to be using it daily or not.

Our verdict: Drinkwel wins this round

Drinkwel vs Thrive – Our final thoughts

Generally speaking, both are decent products with natural ingredients and no stimulants.

Its sad to see that Drinkwel still uses a proprietary blend even though its probably one of the most well known hangover related pills on the market.

If you’re looking for a supplement that works as a general health and wellbeing / liver boosting product, then Drinkwel is for you.

If you’re like me and more interested in hangover busting ability, then Thrive is clearly superior. But it’s a shame to see there are a few missing ingredients.

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