Best Hangover Supplements 2019 – Ranked and Reviewed
By James Petra
Updated on August 14, 2019

Hangover supplements have recently exploded onto the market with new ones seemingly popping up on a monthly basis.

All of them claim to have the best ingredients that will take away some of the pain associated with a big night out.

On top of this, hangover supplements come in all shapes and sizes including pill, drink and patch forms.

But which one is actually the best?

In this article, we’ve put together a list of the best hangover supplements on the market today based on company reputation, customer reviews and most importantly, the ingredients formula.

Here’s a quick peek of our top pick. Read on to learn more:

Rating Summary Website
AfterDrink AfterDrink ★★★★★ • Best Product • Proven Ingredients • Good Reviews Buy Now
Morning Recovery Drink AfterDrink ★★★★☆ • Strong Brand • Use as Mixer • Expensive Buy Now
Flyby Flyby ★★★★☆ • Uses L-Theanine • Liver Support • Good Reviews Buy Now
Cheers Cheers ★★★☆☆ • Uses Ginger • Strong Brand • Good Reviews Buy Now

How do hangover supplements work?

In order to understand how hangover supplements work, we first need to cover how hangovers are caused in the first place:

1) Acetaldehyde buildup
Alcohol is broken down by your liver to produce acetaldehyde which is one of the main toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism.

Your liver clears acetaldehyde by breaking it down further into non-toxic compounds.

However, during periods of overindulgence, acetaldehyde levels start to build up. As a result, you start to get “oxidative” or also known as “free radical” damage as acetaldehyde damages the cells it comes into contact with.

This process of damage has been liked to most of the symptoms of a hangover including nausea, headache, feeling flushed / warm and muscle aches.

2) Dehydration
Alcohol is a diuretic which means it makes you produce more urine. In fact, for every pint of beer (approximately 500ml) you lost around 200ml of extra water.

Add this up over a night out and you end up with dehydration as you continue to lose more fluid than you are drinking.

In addition, essential minerals and nutrients are lost alongside water.

Hangover supplements contain a mix of natural antioxidant ingredients which work together in order to support your liver in neutralising the harmful by-products of alcohol and replacing lost nutrients.

At this stage, it’s important to mention that hangover supplements are not magic cures or treatments for a hangover.

They’re designed to support normal liver function and overall health.

What ingredients to look out for in a hangover supplement?

The best hangover supplements will contain natural ingredients which, either have been shown in studies to help hangover symptoms or are powerful antioxidants.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)
DHM is making waves in the hangover supplement world as its been shown in studies to increase alcohol breakdown and reduce the “rebound effect”.

Milk Thistle
A powerful antioxidant which has been used for centuries as a natural hangover aid. You’ll find it as the key ingredient in any liver health supplement as it’s been shown in several studies to reduce damage.

Gingers active ingredient gingerol has research-backed anti-nausea properties. Doctors around the world still recommend it first line for morning sickness in pregnant women as its a safe and natural alternative to medicines.

B – Vitamins
Most hangover supplements will contain a selection of B-vitamins as their important in regenerating the enzymes required to break down alcohol in your liver. The key ones include B1, B3 and B6.

L – Theanine
Almost exclusively found in plants and high concentrations in green tea, this amino acid has been shown to have effects on your nervous system. In particular, reducing stress levels. 

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)
This amino acid is the precursor to glutathione which is known as the bodies master antioxidant.

Black pepper extract
It’s a common misconception that all the nutrients from your supplement are absorbed from your gut. The reality is that only a fraction of each ingredient is absorbed.

The best supplements on the market will include a pinch of black pepper extract because it increases the absorption of the other ingredients meaning it functions as a “bioavailability enhancer”

Ingredients to avoid

Proprietary blends
Nowadays, unfortunately, most manufacturers use proprietary blends in their ingredients formula. It’s a perfectly legitimate way of doing things however it means we don’t actually know exactly how much of each ingredient is included.

Also, every batch of product will have varying amounts of each ingredient so it’s not ideal. Proprietary blends are used by manufacturers to cut down costs as its much cheaper to produce supplements this way.

Artificial fillers and flow agents
During the manufacturing process for supplements, the machines that pack capsules require a “flow agent” to allow them to work smoothly.

The best supplements use natural alternatives which are more expensive to use but result in a better quality supplement.

We don’t like to see caffeine in our choice of supplement because it makes most of your hangover symptoms worse. It may temporarily give you an energy boost, but increasing your heart rate, making you feel more anxious and worsening hangover shakes are not worth it.

How do you take hangover supplements?

So with the basics out the way, let’s get straight into our pick of the best hangover supplements.

The Best 4 Hangover Supplements

1. AfterDrink

AfterDrink is the best hangover supplement on the market today. It gets our top spot because it includes all the ingredients required for an effective hangover aid.

In addition, AfterDrink has the cleanest formula with a fully plant-based product with no proprietary blend.

Customer reviews are excellent and they ship all over the world with free delivery options.


AfterDrink covers all bases with the inclusion of ingredients such as DHM, ginger and milk thistle to mention a few.

They’ve opted not to use a proprietary blend which is rare nowadays. All the ingredients are clearly labelled at proper doses.

Any negatives?

With a premium product comes a premium price tag. You get what you pay for.

The verdict

AfterDrink ticks all the boxes with the most advanced and effective hangover supplement. Based on personal experience and other customer reviews, it’s the best product on the market today.

2. Morning Recovery Drink

Next up, the all famous Morning Recovery Drink. You’ve probably seen one of their adverts on your social media platforms. After gaining over 8 million dollars in funding, there’s a good reason why they seem to be everywhere you look.


Morning Recovery also has a comprehensive ingredients list, however, they haven’t included ginger. We assume this is probably because their product is a drink and will, therefore, affect the taste.

Other than that, they also use a proprietary blend which is unfortunate.

Any negatives?

Having your hangover supplement as a drink can have its drawbacks. It’s clearly not as easy to take around with you, especially when it comes to long-distance travelling.

In addition, the lemon flavouring may not be to everyone’s taste.

The verdict

If you’ve heard of a hangover supplement then chances are it’s morning recovery drink. There’s no doubt that they have the most amount of money with a strong brand.

With that, they’ve made a great product too. It’s not the best one though because of the reasons mentioned above.

3. Flyby

Another popular brand, Flyby has firmly established itself as one of the front runners in the hangover supplement world.

Founder Eddie Huai first got the idea after trying Korean hangover supplements that really worked. He then decided to make his very own in the US.


Flyby has done a good job at including most of the things you need in a good hangover supplement. However, unlike AfterDrink, they don’t include ginger which is a shame.

Like Morning Recovery, Flyby has also decided to go with a proprietary blend which is a little disappointing.

Other than that, they’ve got a clean formula, using all-natural ingredients with no artificial flow agents.

The verdict

Flyby is a supplement that almost matches AfterDrink in terms of completeness. We would have just liked to see their formula without proprietary blend and also, some ginger. 

4. Cheers health

Cheers used to be called Thrive and have gone through a complaint rebrand recently. They’ve also managed to get a huge amount of investment, bringing in around $2 million.

In the early days, they tried to get investment on Shark tank but were turned away. Obviously, they’ve done pretty well for themselves after the initial disappointment.


Cheers are the only other supplement right now to include ginger in their formula like AfterDrink. They’ve also not used a proprietary blend which is good (and rare) to see.

The only reason they come down the list for us is that their formula is a little DHM heavy. With a whopping 1200mg of DHM they have, by-far the most DHM content compared to the other hangover supplements.

You may think that’s a good thing, but by choosing for such a high DHM content, they’re having to cut down on the dosing of their other ingredients quite significantly.

Therefore, for us, the balance isn’t there.

On top of this, they use artificial flow agents like magnesium stearate and artificial colouring.

The verdict

Another great product with all the ingredients you need to have a hangover supplement that works.

Their product is mainly focused around DHM. There’s no doubt it’s a great ingredient, but there are others which have just as important a role and target different areas.

Anything else to consider?

We mentioned it before, but it’s worth repeating, hangover supplements aren’t miracle cures.

Hangover supplements are designed to support a healthy lifestyle and are not there to treat or cure your hangovers.

If you’re planning to go out and get wasted, nothing much will help.

Sticking to the basics is key. Having a meal before you go out, drinking plenty of water and drinking within your limits is your best bet. 

Review conclusion – Final words

That brings us to the end of our pick of the best hangover supplements around today.

We think that AfterDrink stands out as a leader in this category as it has the best formula and

As always, we’re always updating our article and continually looking for contenders to make it onto our list.

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