Funny Hangover Kit Ideas For Every Occasion
By James Petra
Updated on March 07, 2020

Looking for funny hangover kit ideas? If you’re planning an event and need funny tips to jazz up your hangover kit, look no further.

In recent years, we’ve seen a fun trend at weddings and other events—the hangover kit. With a little advanced planning, you can ensure you and your friends have everything you need for the morning after the party.

It was a night you’ll never remember. You drank. You danced. Someone ordered tequila shots. The room started to spin. At one point, your friends were dancing on the bar and shouting “Cheers!” in Mongolian.

Maybe the details are a little fuzzy. Maybe you don’t recall any details at all. The only thing you know for certain is it’s the morning after—and you feel like death.

We all overindulge once in a while, and that’s okay. It means you had a fantastic time at that wedding, birthday party, or another special occasion. It’s all fun and games until the dreaded nausea and headache kick in.

In this post, we’ve compiled a list of funny hangover kit ideas you’re sure to love. We’ve also spelled out exactly what to include to minimize recovery time and get everyone back on their feet (or at least down to the breakfast buffet).

Read on for everything you need to know to create a funny hangover kit of your own.

Step 1: Funny Hangover Kit Ideas

Before we talk about what to put inside your hangover recovery kit, let’s talk about the kit itself.

The idea is not to take any of it too seriously, so you want to start by having fun with the bag. It should be obvious what it is, but there’s no reason you can’t bring a little levity to the scene.

Some of our favorite ideas we’ve seen printed on hangover kits include:

  • Hangover Survival Kit
  • I Can’t Even Kit
  • Wedding Recovery Kit
  • 21st Birthday Recovery Kit
  • The Morning After Kit
  • Totally Ship Faced Hangover Kit
  • Totally Shipwrecked Hangover Kit
  • Brew Crew Hangover Kit
  • Naughty Girls Hangover Kit
  • Got Too Lit Recovery Kit
  • What Happened Last Night Kit

You can also bring a smile to everyone’s faces with some witty phrases on your hangover bag. Our favorites are:

  • A hangover lasts a day, but the memories last a lifetime.
  • Hangovers are temporary. Drunken stories are forever.
  • Don’t hate yourself in the morning. Sleep ’til noon!
  • In sickness and in health…
  • I regret nothing.
  • Love is the best medicine (but this helps too).
  • Alcohol: Because no great story ever started with orange juice.

There are plenty of cute pre-designed tote bags out there, or you can go the DIY route. You can even use a free logo maker to create your own alcohol (or recovery) related design for the bag.

Step 2: Funny Hangover Kit Items – The Essentials

So, you’ve brainstormed your funny hangover kit ideas. You’ve designed and ordered the bags. All that’s left to do is fill it with items everyone will love (or desperately need).

As you’re selecting hangover kit items, keep the following 5 goals in mind.

Goal #1: Get Rehydrated

One of the main reasons you feel so lousy after a night of drinking is the dehydration it wreaks on your body. Because booze is a diuretic, it forces fluids out of your system much quicker than other (non-alcoholic) liquids.

Restoring your body’s hydration is key to recovering from a hangover. Give those thirsty kidneys and liver what they need with any of the following items:

  • Still or sparkling water
  • Coconut water
  • Ginger ale
  • Green tea
  • Juice box
  • Fizzy lemonade
  • Tomato juice or Bloody Mary mix (without the vodka, of course)
  • Prepared banana milkshake (some say it works like a charm!)

You might also include a packet of electrolytes or Vitamin C powder to mix into any of the above beverages. The sooner you can restore those lost vitamins and minerals, the sooner your body can begin to repair itself.

Bonus tip: Coffee is often the go-to drink of choice the morning after a big night out. Since coffee is also a diuretic, though, it can leave you more dehydrated (and feeling even worse) than you did before.

Stick with water, juice, or green tea instead. They may not be the most “fun” items in your funny hangover kit, but they’re arguably the most important.

Goal #2: Ease the Pain

Your head’s pounding from dehydration. Your feet are aching from a long night on the dance floor. And you have no idea what happened to your back.

Sound familiar? Hangovers often come with a healthy dose of pain, so your next step is to address those aching muscles.

Here are a few hangover kit items you may want to include:

  • Ibuprofen or aspirin for headache and body aches
  • Eye drops for bloodshot eyes
  • Ginger candy or tea to ease nausea
  • Peppermints or peppermint tea to soothe the stomach
  • Cozy slippers to relax tired feet
  • Antacid tablets for indigestion

There’s also an array of hangover pills you can try to ease the worst of your symptoms. Our favorite is AfterDrink, but there are plenty on the market to choose from.

Hangover pills give your body what it needs to recover faster. Ideally, you’ll take a few before you fall asleep (try to remember!) and a few in the morning after you wake up.

They’re not a magic “cure,” but they can definitely make the difference between a day of misery or only a minor hangover.

Goal #3: Look Alive

No one wakes up looking like a supermodel after a night of heavy drinking. (Well, maybe in the movies.)

Your next goal is to help your friends regain their normal, healthy appearance—even if they don’t feel 100% yet. Here are some funny hangover kit ideas to consider.

  • Sleep mask (in case you need more beauty sleep)
  • Lip balm for chapped lips
  • Eye cream to banish those bags under the eyes
  • Deodorant wipes to freshen up fast
  • Mini toothbrush and toothpaste for fresher breath
  • Mini bottle of mouthwash
  • Pack of chewing gum or breath mints
  • Body wash or bar soap
  • Hydrating face mask or moisturizer
  • Hair ties or clips for the ladies
  • Sunglasses (if all else fails)

You might also want to think about a healthy snack, like a granola bar or crackers, to soak up some of that stomach acid. No one with a bad hangover ever passed up a Saltine cracker.

Goal #4: Expect the Unexpected

Hangovers aren’t always pretty—in fact, they almost never are. In addition to feeling like death warmed over, you might wake up to some unplanned scenarios.

Help your friends be prepared for anything with these funny hangover kit ideas:

  • Nail file to smooth out those rough edges
  • Stain remover wipes for unplanned spills
  • Earplugs to drown out any early-morning noise
  • A power bank in case they forgot to charge their cell phone (they probably did)
  • Band-Aids for blisters from those new high heels
  • Barf bags for… Well, you know. Just in case.

Your friends are sure to be touched by your thoughtfulness—as soon as they’ve recovered, that is.

Goal #5: Boost the Psyche

The last of our funny hangover kit ideas harken back to those comical quotes we mentioned earlier.

If you didn’t include one on your hangover kit bag, why not write or print one on a little card to include inside the kit? It could be just the thing to bring a (weak) smile to a hungover face.

Other practical ideas could include breakfast suggestions at a nearby cafe or restaurant. If you’re staying at a hotel, you could include a room service menu card already filled out with healthy food items.

Remind your friends that they’ll feel best if they skip the greasy breakfast and opt for a balanced blend of protein and carbs instead. Eggs, oatmeal, or good old-fashioned toast and butter are some of the best foods to eat when you’re hungover.

What to Put in your Funny Hangover Kit: Now You Know

Of course, the best way to prevent a hangover is to skip the alcohol altogether—but where’s the fun in that?

For those special occasions when you know you (or your friends) might overindulge, preparation is key. Funny hangover kits are not only incredibly useful, but they show you truly care. Until scientists find the answer to why we get hangovers, consider these funny hangover kit ideas for your next big event. (1)

Focus on items that restore hydration and bring the body back into balance. Include a variety of ways to ease those aches and pains. Travel-sized toiletries ensure your friends can quickly look (and smell) much better.

Throw in a few “emergency” items too for those unexpected morning-after moments. And since humor is a sure cure for any bad day, make your friends smile with a mood-boosting joke or handwritten note.

Whether you use these funny hangover kits ideas for a wedding, a 21st birthday party, or any other night on the town, one thing is for certain—everyone is going to recover faster the day after the festivities.

Would you like to boost your chances of avoiding that dreaded hangover in the first place? Check out our ultimate hangover prevention formula before you order that first drink.

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