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Flyby Fuel Electrolytes Review – A Simple Solution To A Common Problem

There isn’t much to electrolyte science outside of sports and hydration science. But, hangover drinks like Flyby Fuel Electrolytes thinks they can be used for hard drinking nights. What’s with electrolytes? For one, the body probably wouldn’t be able to function without it. They help usher water into cells and tissues and they also make

Morning Recovery Review – Is This The Bees Knees of Hangover Drinks?

Hangover drinks aren’t always making the news, but Morning Recovery has been making rounds recently and it’s all positive.  Morning Recovery wants you to “Do More The Next Day”. Does it want us to drink more the next day or do something other than be a shitfaced drunkard? Regardless, we like the way it sounds

Before Elixir Review – A Good But Pricey Hangover Drink

Before Elixir wants to eliminate hangovers and one other thing: Redness. You know, that look you get when you’re downing one too many bottles at a faster rate than usual and your face starts to look like it got stung by a bee. Yeah, that redness. We hate hangovers. We don’t think we’ve met anyone who actually

LYTEshow Review – Can A Pure Electrolyte Drink Solve Our Hangover Woes?

LYTEshow seeks to be the solution to our electrolyte-loss woes. It promotes a type of “pure hydration” formula that instantly replenishes lost electrolytes which can help prevent dehydration. How do electrolytes factor into hangovers? When you drink too much your bladder cries for help and so you go to the restroom to relieve it. This

RESQWATER Review – Is RESQWATER The Hangover Cure We’re Waiting For?

Compared to what we’ve reviewed in the past, RESQWATER only really has three key ingredients, the others being vitamins and minerals. We like simple formulas over the complex ones mainly because they function more efficiently. When it comes to hangover drinks, the one important function is rehydration. The other one is liver protection. So, it

DrinkAde Hangover Drink Review (Formerly “Never Too Hungover”) – Does it help hangovers?

When you say partying, we say booze.  That’s been the the mantra for a lot of people ever since alcohol and late night celebrations got together hundreds of years ago, as far back as ancient Rome.  So when you think about it, being hungover has been quite the problem for a long time and it’s only now that

Thrive Hangover Pills Review – Is This Really The Best Hangover Cure?

The memories of last night’s party was great and all, but does it really always have to end up like this every time? Thrive+ Health Inc. doesn’t think so and they want to end your hangover misery for good with Thrive Hangover pills. Don’t you just hate it when an awesome party gives you a