Best Supplements For Asian Flush Prevention in 2020
By James Petra
Updated on February 19, 2020

Asian flush is a term used to describe a combination of symptoms that occur after drinking small amounts of alcohol.

In recent years, lots of companies have produced their own supplements claiming to be the best at preventing or treating Asian flush.

Nowadays there are so many options it can be hard to choose which one’s the best supplement for you.

In this article, we’re going to share with you the best Asian flush supplements on the market today.

We’ve based our review on factors such as company reputation, customer reviews, value for money and most importantly effectiveness based on their ingredients formula.

Before we start this guide, it’s important for us to emphasize that a “treatment” or “cure” for Asian flush does not exist. The supplements mentioned in this article are designed to support normal liver function. Expecting any of them to prevent or treat your symptoms will lead to disappointment.

With that said, let’s get straight into our pick of the best supplements for Asian flush on the market today.

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Asian flush – The basics

It affects around 30% of the world’s population and is particularly common in people of East Asian origin.

The main symptoms of Asian flush include:

-Facial flushing (red cheeks)
– Nausea and vomiting
– Headache
– Diarrhea
-Itchy skin / hives

People who suffer from Asian flush will develop symptoms soon after drinking a small amount of alcohol.

It’s caused because people with Asian flush lack an enzyme called acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.

This enzyme is responsible for breaking down one of alcohols toxic by-products called acetaldehyde.

Acetaldehyde is a highly unstable molecule that breaks down to cause “free radicals” that wreak havoc on your insides.

You may have noticed that most of the symptoms of Asian flush are very similar to having a bad hangover. Well, that’s because acetaldehyde is one of the main causes of your hangover symptoms too.

The difference between Asian flush and hangovers is that you get a much bigger build-up of acetaldehyde and symptoms start soon after your first alcoholic drink.

You can read more about how Asian flush affects your body in our comprehensive guide.

How do supplements help with Asian flush?

Before we explain, It’s important to note that supplements are not a cure for Asian flush and nor have any of the ingredients been proven to treat its symptoms.

Asian flush supplements are designed to support normal liver function in periods of high stress on the body, such as when drinking alcohol.

The top supplements on the market usually contain a mix of natural antioxidant ingredients that help neutralize the harmful by-products of alcohol metabolism.

What are the main ingredients to look out for in an Asian flush supplement?

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC)

This amino acid is the precursor to glutathione which is known as the body’s most powerful antioxidant.

Ginger extract

Ginger is a research-backed remedy for nausea. For us, this is an essential ingredient in your choice of Asian flush supplement as nausea is a prominent feature after drinking alcohol.

Dihydromyricetin (DHM)

 DHM has been shown to increase the breakdown of alcohol in recent studies. However, it’s not quite clear how it has this effect as yet and still needs more research to confirm its actions.


B complex vitamins are the precursors to antioxidants produced by your liver. Antioxidants neutralize the toxic by-products produced from alcohol metabolism.

Milk thistle

Extensively researched for its liver-protecting qualities, milk thistle is a potent antioxidant that can help clear your liver from the toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism.

L -Theanine

Found almost exclusively in green tea, this amino acid is known to increase brain alpha waves which produce a sense of wakeful relaxation.

Ingredients to avoid


Stimulants like caffeine won’t do you any good. It’s a misconception that caffeine helps clear alcohol from your bloodstream so supplements containing it have no benefit.

Proprietary blends

These are used by manufacturers to keep costs low. It’s a mix of herbal ingredients where you can’t actually see the exact amount of ingredients included which is not ideal. You can read more about them in our proprietary blend guide. 

How do you take Asian flush Supplements?

Asian flush remedies come in many different forms including supplement drinks, patches, and pills.

They are all designed to be taken before and during the time you are drinking.

The reason is, the ingredients need to work as soon as the toxic levels of acetaldehyde start to build up.

Which kind of supplement is best for you depends on personal preference. We feel that supplement pills and drinks work the best because they are able to deliver much higher doses of ingredients compared to patches. 

So now that we have the basics out the way, let’s get straight into our pick of the best Asian flush supplements on the market today. 

1)  AfterDrink


AfterDrink comes top on our podium because it contains all the right ingredients and they use a clean formula with all-natural ingredients, without a proprietary blend.

It ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing an all-round Asian flush in terms of their formula, dosing, and quality.

Although it’s marketed as a hangover recovery aid, its ingredients also include everything you’ll see in other Asian flush supplements and more.

Remember we mentioned that acetaldehyde is one of the main causes of a hangover and Asian flush. However, in Asian flush the symptoms are more severe and occur soon after your first drink.


When it comes to assessing any supplement, the ingredient list is the most crucial component and AfterDrink contains our top natural ingredients in the right amounts.

The inclusion of ginger in combination with DHM and milk thistle ensures it covers both increased alcohol metabolism as well as symptoms of nausea.

Overall AfterDrink has 25 antioxidant vitamins, minerals, amino acids and herbal extracts that work together to support liver function.

They also don’t use a proprietary blend which is rare nowadays and shows complete trust in their product.

How do you take it?

The manufacturer’s recommended dose is taking 3 capsules before your first drink and 3 capsules after your last.

Any negatives?

With top ingredients it’s premium-priced so it may not be for everyone’s budget.


Based on their clean ingredients profile, personal experience, and customer reviews, we recommend AfterDrink as the best Asian flush supplement on the market. For more information on this product, check out our full AfterDrink review.

2. Morning Recovery Drink

Coming in at second is Morning Recovery Drink because they include most of the ingredients that AfterDrink does with the exclusion of ginger.

Morning Recovery is made by Morelabs and have recently exploded onto the market after getting millions of dollars worth of investment.

Once again, they’re mainly marketed as a hangover support supplement, however, as mentioned before, the ingredients required for an Asian flush remedy are the same.


Morning Recovery has all the ingredients you need except for ginger. Unfortunately, they’ve also opted to use a proprietary blend for their key herbal extracts.

As a result, we aren’t able to see exactly how much of each ingredient is included.

How do you take it?

Normally you’re meant to take Morning Recovery after your last drink. When it comes to Asian Flush, you’ll want to take it much earlier, either before or as a mixer with your first drink.

Any negatives?

You’ll have to factor in the fact that this product is a drink. It’s not ideal carrying a bottle around with you.

It’s also difficult if you’re traveling because each dose requires you to take a full bottle. Therefore you could see yourself taking up a lot of suitcase space. 

In addition, we would have liked to see the inclusion of ginger and no proprietary blend.


Morning Recovery Drink is a solid product with good ingredients which covers most (but not all) areas when it comes to Asian Flush support. It comes down to personal preference whether you prefer your choice of supplement as a drink or pill.

3. Sunset Alcohol Flush Support Pills

Sunset is marketed specifically for Asian flush symptoms and is backed by a 100% flush free guarantee.

When acetaldehyde builds up in your bloodstream, it can trigger the release of histamine and cause flushing / hives.

This is why their product’s main ingredients are Quercetin and Bromelain which work together as natural anti-histamines.


Aside from their ingredients with anti-histamine properties, Sunset also includes a selection of B vitamins and NAC.

Ingredients like DHM and ginger are not included.

How do you take it?

The dosing is similar to AfterDrink in that you take 3 capsules before your first drink and 3 after your last.

Any negatives?

The main downside to Sunset alcohol flush pills is the cost.

Costing around $48 for 10 servings, it’s an expensive product.

Aside from this, we would have also liked to see the inclusion of DHM and ginger which are key ingredients for us when it comes to an Asian flush remedy.


Sunset for Asian flush is a good product but we can’t justify the price tag. In addition, you’ll have to pay for delivery which is an additional cost that AfterDrink doesn’t have.

4. Redee Patch

Redee patch is currently the only patch specifically designed for Asian flush prevention on the market today. They claim that 75% of their customers are happy with the results.


Redee haven’t labeled their ingredient quantities on their packaging which, to our knowledge, is a legal requirement. Therefore we aren’t able to comment on dosing.

However, they do say that their product includes, Glutathione, NAC, l-theanine, Vitamin C and B Complex, Alpha-lipoic acid, Holy Basil extract, milk thistle extract, and Cosmoperine (black pepper extract).

Essentially, it’s made up of ingredients you’ll find in any hangover prevention supplement. For example, AfterDrink and Morning Recovery include all of the ingredients in Redee, plus a lot more.

Also, at least with AfterDrink, we are able to see the exact dosing as well.

How do you take it?

You apply two patches 30 minutes before you start drinking and keep it on throughout your night. They are said to work for 12 hours while on.

Any negatives?

At the end of the day, Redee is a patch and you can only fit so many ingredients into it.

They only include a handful of standard ingredients and we don’t know what the dosing is.

In addition, having allergic reactions to the adhesive in patches is not uncommon. So if you’re someone who has a problem with plasters or other sticky tapes, you may also not do so well with a patch.


Redee has a solid foundation however there are a few unavoidable negatives that come with patches. Therefore they always rank behind supplement pills and drinks.

Final words

That brings us to the end of our pick of the best Asian flush support supplements on the market today.

We’ve mentioned it before and we’re going to again, supplements are not Asian flush cures or treatments.

Asian flush is caused by a genetic deficiency in an enzyme that breaks down one of the toxic by-products of alcohol metabolism. Therefore the only way to prevent a flush reaction is to stop drinking altogether.

That being said, a stop supplement could help to a certain extent.

James Petra

James is a beer-loving Biochemist and natural health enthusiast from Hull, which is in Yorkshire, England.

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